This list of posts you may have missed will change from time to time.  You can also click on ‘Random Post’ under Blog Info on the navigation bar.


Montaigne on the perpetual earthquake  http://wp.me/pLpwg-6J

Voltaire:  “Poem on the Lisbon Disaster”  http://wp.me/pLpwg-8k

Rousseau on the Lisbon earthquake  http://wp.me/pLpwg-8n

The earthquake in literature:  the example of Kleist  http://wp.me/pLpwg-7D

William James on the San Francisco earthquake of 1906  http://wp.me/pLpwg-6j

ProBlogger v Proto-blogger  http://wp.me/pLpwg-Ch

“the x factor” (“The West Wing,” part 2)  http://wp.me/pLpwg-wj

Revisiting Felix Gonzalez-Torres  http://wp.me/pLpwg-e4

Archive of Devastation (Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue,’ part 11)  http://wp.me/pLpwg-ke

“And our faces, my heart, brief as photos”:  recollecting John Berger  http://wp.me/pLpwg-c8

Commemorative tweets:  “too poignant and too transitory”  http://wp.me/pLpwg-9C

From tweets to Keats:  reverse chronology pays off  http://wp.me/pLpwg-cV

Numbered Days (‘To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life,’ part 10)  http://wp.me/pLpwg-p9

“Cc…:  CCC,” part 12  http://wp.me/pLpwg-Bw

fledgling‘s archive, December 2009  http://wp.me/pLpwg-19

Research in motion:  from my “serendipity” notebook    http://wp.me/pLpwg-J3

#estadofallido:  Mexican Netizens deploy the “failed state” meme  http://wp.me/pLpwg-17n

News of U.S. Clandestine Operation draws “Fast and Furious” Response  http://wp.me/pLpwg-178

“xxx,” Joan Didion  http://wp.me/pLpwg-1rW

Clerks of the Last Word  http://wp.me/pLpwg-1r2


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