Recommended reading: “95 Theses on Philology”

Lately I have been following (via email subscription) another WordPress offering:  I stumbled upon it serendipitously several weeks back, and was gratified to learn that my friend and mentor, Werner Hamacher, is publishing his  “95 Theses on Philology” (in German) in the form of brief blog posts.  Here is the most recent, dated 19 July, followed by an improvised translation.

47.  Philologie ist das Geshehen der Freilassung der Sprache von der Sprache.  Sie ist die Befreiung der Welt von allem, was ueber sie gesagt worden ist und noch gesagt werden kann.

Philology is the occurrence of the liberation of language from language.  It is the liberation of the world from everything that has been said about it and from what can still be said.

You can follow the links under “Roughbooks” to the blurb for Hamacher’s recent volume Fuer die Philologie.

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