“Cc…: CCC,” part 4

Hello all,

What do we know now that we didn’t know then?  Who are they that did not know until now?  When was now for those who knew all along?

The word “now” contains within its manifold purpose the fundamental condition of hope.  The drama in the word’s use (in this context) rests somewhere on a continuum between its utterance here and the word’s implied polar opposite:  “never.”  “Now” is a talisman against the worst implications lurking in the vagaries of time’s concept.  Let us be superstitious.  Let us hope the utterance this time works.  Repetition is the form of prayer.  Over and over the same words are intoned until at last the spark of true intention is lit.  Of course, intention is never enough, but no action is conceivable without it.  Now and always.

Best wishes,

Gregg B.

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