Haiti earthquake coverage: @CNN/haiti Twitter list

pierrecote 2 Hospitals in Cap-Haitien are equipped and ready to receive patients. #HAITI (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/3al7) less than 10 seconds ago from Ustream

wyclef RT @bellezzanera: @wyclef I live in DC, I will b dropping off clothes and shoes, a friend organized a group on FB (cont) http://tl.gd/3pnmp less than a minute ago from UberTwitter

wyclef RT @SoulEaterNinja: @wyclef I am putting together a Drive to collect clothes and stuff to help Haiti at my school #warriors 1 minute ago from UberTwitter

pierrecote Wyclef Jean on Ground in Haiti – STATE OF EMERGENCY – HELP (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/3al7) 1 minute ago from Ustream

NavyNews RT @USMC The Marine Corps stands ready to assist Haiti. Are you? http://bit.ly/4n4EVP (via @MarineCorpsNews) 2 minutes ago from web

cnni Damaged airport, dock hamper aid http://bit.ly/77sqAZ 3 minutes ago from twitterfeed

firesideint http://twitpic.com/y6m5q – Heaven help them. 3 minutes ago from TwitPic

wyclef RT @dcklaus: I think my #FF will be a simple one this Friday @RedCross #haiti ! Peace ! @wyclef #helpingwarrior 3 minutes ago from UberTwitter

USArmy [pics] Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division deploy to #Haiti to provide support & humanitarian aid http://bit.ly/4pqS8D 3 minutes ago from HootSuite

iDeskCNN Great piece from our @BittermannCNN in Paris on Haitian community there watching for news on the Earthquake: http://bit.ly/85KDn8 3 minutes ago from web

pierrecote KEEP TALKING ABOUT HAITI TO HELP AND NOT FORGET (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/3al7) 4 minutes ago from Ustream

wyclef RT @lushradioonline: YOUR PRAYERS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR DONATION TEXT YELE 501 501 @wyclef IF U DON’T HAVE $ AT LEAST PRAY 6 minutes ago from UberTwitter

RAMhaiti One firetruck is doing water distribution on ChampMars.Bodies are being burned.Dominicans are making a presence 6 minutes ago from web

wyclef RT @LaurentP_Robert: Aide pour Haiti > YeleHaiti, ( l’organisation de @Wyclef ) http://www.yele.org/donation/ 7 minutes ago from UberTwitter

pierrecote “THIS IS APOCALYPSE!!” – WYCLEF (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/3al7) 7 minutes ago from Ustream

RAMhaiti There was a tremor this morning around 4AM..it didn’t wake me up but some folks who had been inside came to join us sleeping in the driveway 8 minutes ago from web

wyclef RT @REST537: JUST TEXTED “YELE” TO 501501 3 TIME’S.IM GOING TO TEN . LET’S GO PEOPLE HAITI NEED’S OUR HE (cont) http://tl.gd/3pmga 8 minutes ago from UberTwitter

wyclef RT @utaia_smac: RT @wyclef: Donate 2 Haiti Earthquake Relief!! Every1 has $5 every1 got a phone! Text YELE to 501 (cont) http://tl.gd/3pmdv 9 minutes ago from UberTwitter

wyclef RT @ShantaC: Prayin 4 people in Hati! Plz donate If u can’t donate money or send items b a pray warrior..Priceless (cont) http://tl.gd/3pmao 9 minutes ago from UberTwitter

RAMhaiti The school behind St Gerard still has people buried as does everywhere.The dead bodies are becoming a greater and greater concern 10 minutes ago from web


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