Young journalist lost to IED in Kandahar

Today’s Globe and Mail ran a report by Jane Armstrong on the memorial service for journalist and blogger Michelle Lang, who was killed on December 30, along with four Canadian soldiers, when their light-armoured vehicle struck an IED in the course of a routine patrol on the outskirts of Kandahar city.  It was Lang’s first assignment to Afghanistan, and it was cut short at the three-week mark.   

Kandahar city outskirts

Here is a brief excerpt from Armstrong’s report, “A passion for life and for getting the story right” (Globe and Mail, Thursday, January 12, 2010, A6):   

One of the most poignant moments of the service came when Ms. Lang’s father spoke of a trip to Afghanistan he and his wife took in the early 1970s, before Michelle was born and before war tore the country apart.   

‘Michelle went there to tell us what had happened to that tragic country,’ he said.  ‘She won’t live to see the country’s rebirth, but when Afghanistan’s renaissance does occur,’ her father said, ‘we will feel that her death and all the other deaths will not be in vain.’   

Read Armstrong’s full report at

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